About Ranger Outdoor Gear

Ranger Outdoor Gear, which is started as a camp furniture factory, now become a custom outdoor gear manufacturer and supplier of Camping Tents, Camp Furniture, Backpacks, Apparel in China.

Our company brings together experts who have worked in the field of outdoor gear for over 15 years. We cooperate with only the finest factories and workshops, which are manufacturing for the famous brands and also supply Korean tent factories that manufacture outdoor gears for top markets including the US, EU, Japan, and Korea.

Our factory partnerships are built on quality, which we confidently deliver to you and your brand. Our strong partnerships mean that we can manufacture and deliver high-quality tents at a moderate price point. Our experts are here to help you increase the quality of your brand with better quality products, which will increase your brand’s trust to customers and increase your market share!

We look forward to working with you and building a last-lasting relationship.

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About our factory and workshop partners

Factories and workshops
Factories and workshops
Factories and workshops
Factory Workers
Skilled Workers
Factory Sewing Machines
Sewing Machines
Factory Production Lines
Production Lines

Amount capacity per month

Camping Tent Capacity
Camp Furniture Capacity
Outdoor Backpacks Capacity

Flow of Production

Step1 – Fabric Dyeing
1.Tent Greige Fabric Weaving
Step2 – Heat Transfer Printing
2.Tent Fabric Dyeing
Step3 – Fabric Coating
3.Tent Fabric Coating
Step4 – Fabric Checking
4.Tent Fabric Checking
Step5 – Fabric Cutting
5.Tent Fabric Cutting
Step6 – Silk Printing
6.Tent Silk Printing
Step7 – Sewing
7.Tent Sewing
Step8 – Semi-finished
Products Quality Checking
8.Tent Semi-finished Products Quanlity Checking
Step9 – Assembling
9.Tent Assembling
Step10 – Final Quality Checking
10.Tent Final Quality Checking
Step11 – Packing
11.Tent Packing
Step12 – Shipping
12.Tent Delivery
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